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Yes, you can buy indiviual Masterclasses, 3 Month Subscription pack and Executive Coaching plan any time.

Currently we are offering Subscription pack for 3 months starting Oct-23 which includes 5 power packed Masterclasses (virtual on Saturday).

Each topic is repeated as and when a new batch is formed. So if you miss a session, you can request for a repeat session by emailing at Each Masterclass can be attended only once and online presence is mandatory.

Yes, you can request for recording of the session whenever you wish by sending an email to The recordings cannot be downloaded and will be available for view as read-only. Recordings are accessible till 12 months from the start date of subscription.

Yes, certificate will be awarded as and when any Masterclass is successfully completed. Online presence is mandatory to get the certificates as attendance is tracked. Certificates will be sent to your registered email ids.

Yes, your certificate can be posted by you to any professional social media platform

Yes, you can choose Masterclasses as per your interest and make payment as per the price of each Masterclass.

The payment has to be made in full before you start your learning journey.

After you pay and should you need to cancel, you will be eligible for a full refund up-to 14 days prior to the start of your session. After that there are no refunds eligible

If your company sponsors the learning and we are asked to share the progress then we will provide the completion status to the HR team of your company. In case you paid for the course and received a subsequent reimbursement from your company, it is up to you to share your progress.

1. Use the Contact form and provide detailed description of your query.
2. Email at
3. Call us at +919156016969


I attended the Masterclass organised by Platinum Masterclasses on ‘Mergers & Aquisitions’ by Prof Benjamin Forestier. During this Masterclass there were numerous discussions which I enjoyed. Prof Benjamin was very enthusiastic throughout the session and answered every single question keenly.

Krishna Chandra Upadhyay

I attended the Masterclass organised by Platinum Masterclasses on ‘Mergers & Acquisition’ by Prof Benjamin Forestier. Mergers & Acquisition are key drivers for organisational growth, especially so in the current scenario when ever new businesses are adding to the global economy and old businesses are hustling to stay relevant. Prof Forestier took the efforts to come out of the textbooks and shared some key insights to real world M&A landscape. Thanks to the organisers for arranging this masterclass and also to the fellow participants to help keep the class rooted in practicality.

Bhumika Singh

I was one of the many participants of the Masterclass on ‘Delivering High Performance through Dynamic Teams’ organised by Platinum Masterclasses. The trainer Dr Joellyn and team presented an outstanding session, sharing insights from the portfolio of amazing work they have done in this field.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-24 at 15.15.38

I have attended three Masterclasses organised by Platinum Masterclasses and they all have been of excellent quality. The materials prepared by the speakers and their delivery have been well-thought and impactful. Michael Bekins Masterclass on ‘Managing Meaningful Careers’ illuminated the pathways that we pursue through our working lives while the Masterclass with Mihaela Nica on ‘Lead With Your Talents’ highlighted the growing importance of strength-based leadership. Finally in the Masterclass on ‘Delivering High Performance Through Dynamic Teams’, Dr Jo Ellyn shared how dynamic teams should be formed and the keys to their success. I look forward to more Masterclasses which will enable continuous growth and learning for mid-to-senior career professionals.

Sonal Priyanka

I had the privilege of attending the Masterclass on “Emerging Risks” organised by Platinum Masterclasses, led by Jitender Arora. Throughout the Masterclass, Jitender not only shared his deep insights but also brought to life complex concepts with real-world examples and case studies. His ability to simplify intricate subjects and make them relatable was truly impressive. The interactive discussions and Q&A session allowed us to explore the topic from various angles, and Jitender’s responses were both enlightening and practical. The organisation of the event by Platinum Masterclasses was impeccable. The attention to detail in ensuring a seamless learning experience was evident throughout the session. This Masterclass has not only broadened my understanding of Emerging Risks but has also equipped me with actionable strategies to address them effectively.


The Masterclass on Leadership Decision Styles by Michael Bekins was excellent and the topic was very clearly explained and could be applied to your work. There were multiple use cases shared which would help every working professional, I highly recommend professionals to attend Masterclasses organised by Platinum Masterclasses.


The ‘Conflict Management’ session by Dr.Josh Baron was simple but quite impactful, especially with the day-to-day live examples shared by him which most of us face in our corporate lives, mainly at managerial positions. Few of the concepts and approach-framework suggested by him was very practical and can be related with psychological approaches that we all have during real-life conflicts. One of his learnings that will stay with me forever is to approach ‘Trust as a Bank Account’ and how he linked our approach of building/breaking trust which can result into long-term losses/gains in our careers and personal lives. I sincerely like to thank Dr.Josh Baron and Ms.Neeru Khanna from Platinum Masterclass for arranging the session. Look forward to such fruitful sessions in future. I would recommend professionals to invest few hours of their time and attend these sessions whenever they get a chance as they can be really helpful for their corporate journeys!


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