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Platinum Masterclasses collaborates with Globally Acclaimed Experts providing Online Live and Certified Masterclasses to Professionals
(Senior Managers to CXOs) around the world.

Welcome to Platinum Masterclasses, a globally acclaimed platform that takes immense pride in our distinguished trainers. Our trainers come from diverse backgrounds, including Academia, Book Authors, Senior IMF consultant, Adviors, Consultants, leadership coaches, and entrepreneurs.

At Platinum Masterclasses, we cover a wide range of topics that are highly relevant for the next decade. Our focus areas include –

– Leadership

– Business strategy

– Digital transformation Strategy

– Design thinking

– Mergers & Acquisitions

– Data Science & Analytics

– Risk Management

– Blockchain, DeFi & Digital Assets

– Metaverse

– Web 3.0

– Artificial Intelligence (AI)

– Generative AI


– Platforms/Marketplaces and Network effects

As new topics impacting the world and economies emerge, we continuously introduce them as part of our Masterclasses.

At Platinum Masterclasses, we believe in empowering participants with critical thinking skills that drive success in today’s dynamic business landscape. Our carefully curated Masterclasses focus on fostering analytical, strategic, and innovative thinking, enabling participants to tackle real-world challenges effectively.

Digital Transformation Masterclass: Led by our world-class trainer, Tony Moroney, CXOs will decode digital disruption through a captivating case study. This session will stimulate critical thinking and encourage participants to identify opportunities amidst technological advancements.

Strategy Masterclass: Our distinguished trainer, Daniel Deneffe, will guide CXOs on monetization models. Participants will be challenged to think strategically, analyzing market trends and devising revenue generation strategies.

Platforms / Marketplaces Masterclass: Engaging in practical exercises, participants will co-create and validate platform/marketplace ideas, understanding how network effects drive success in technology-driven businesses. Critical thinking will be honed through problem-solving and innovation.

Raising Private Investments/VC Funding Masterclass: Participants will apply their ideas and learn to prepare a compelling pitch deck template that attracts investors. This Masterclass encourages participants to critically evaluate their business concepts and present them persuasively.

Blockchain, Crypto Assets, and DeFi Masterclass: Collaborating two experts, this unique session covers both theoretical and practical knowledge of financial technologies. Participants will critically analyze blockchain applications and explore opportunities in the decentralized finance realm.

Digital Currency Masterclass: Focused on Retail CBDC, this session delves into the future of fiat currency management with e-rupee implementation. Participants will engage in critical discussions on the potential impact of digital currencies on financial systems.

At Platinum Masterclasses, we are committed to nurturing participants’ critical thinking capabilities, ensuring they emerge as agile and innovative leaders in their respective fields. Join us to unlock your potential and embark on a transformative learning journey!

Each Masterclass is led by world-class trainers who provide live sessions, ensuring an interactive and engaging learning experience. Participants receive certifications endorsed by our globally acclaimed trainers.

We are committed to making quality education accessible to all professionals. Our Masterclasses are designed to offer both high-value content and affordability. We aim to upskill professionals for the next decade and bridge the gap between Indian and foreign education standards.

Our journey began with conducting successful Masterclasses for #1 B School in India, utiliSing case study based learning and providing exposure to global experts. We continue to serve alumni and students with the same dedication and enthusiasm.

Join us at Platinum Masterclasses to unlock your potential and embrace the transformative power of knowledge. Experience the positive change we bring to the Indian education system, one masterclass at a time.

Thank you for considering Platinum Masterclasses as your trusted learning partner. We are excited to be a part of your professional growth journey.


Neeru Khanna

Founder & CEO | Platinum Masterclasses

Indian School of Business (ISB)