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Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld

  • Dean, The Metaverse Academy

  • Ambassador, All Stars Women DAO

  • Advisory Board, Engage Digital AI

  • Digital Platforms Advisor UBS (Past)

  • Board Of Directors, Generali Switzerland

Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld stands as a beacon of innovation and transformation in the digital realm. With a distinguished career that weaves through the hallways of financial giants like Axa, UBS, Blackrock, and Unicredit, Martha has honed her expertise in digital transformation and innovation, emerging as a revered Web3 Advisor. In the dynamic landscape of technology and digital evolution, Martha has not just witnessed the transformation but has been an instrumental force in shaping it. The “Marthaverse” is not just a concept but a living, breathing space of immersive experiences and profound educational insights, a testament to Martha’s commitment to fostering genuine connections, exploration, and soulful growth.

As the esteemed Dean of the Metaverse Academy, Martha has curated a sanctuary of learning and evolution. Her tailored training sessions and educational programs are not just about imparting knowledge but are designed as bridges to traverse the intricate paths of the digital transformation journey.

Accolades such as being named among the Top 100 Women of the Future, Top 5 Women in Tech Europe, and Top 50 Business & Marketing Visionaries are reflections of Martha’s expertise, dedication, and the transformative impact she brings to every collaboration. She’s not just a thought leader but a visionary architect of the future. 


Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld