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Marie-Bernard Guillaume

Marie-Bernard is a recognised expert in leadership with over 20 years of experience across various sectors and local/international organisations. Based in Belgium, she is Partner & Director at Mercuri Urval, a leading global Swedish Executive Search and Talent Advisory firm.  Her track record includes successful searches, assessments, and coaching for over 1000 leaders and executive teams in both Board and C-suite roles.

At the core of Marie-Bernard’s philosophy is a firm belief in the long-term sustainability of a company’s success, contingent upon the leadership, including the CEO, executive teams, and boards, possessing the essential leadership skills and adhering to ESG principles. As coach, she empowers leaders and top teams to unlock their full potential, enabling them to address the challenges faced by their organizations and society.

Philosophy serves as a profound source of inspiration in her life, where she has been studying and teaching practical philosophy principles for over 30 years, drawing inspiration from both Western and Eastern philosophies. She maintains the perspective that blending philosophy with a scientific approach should contribute to molding the success of upcoming leaders.

Marie-Bernard holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Social Sciences from the University of Namur. She is certified in various formats and programs in Corporate Governance, Coaching, Team Coaching (ICF, 5C-Peter Hawkings) and Leadership Assessments.

Marie-Bernard Guillaume