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Complimentary Masterclass on Sustainable Leadership by Marie-Bernard Guillaume


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Masterclass Duration – 2 hours

Agenda for the Masterclass

This Masterclass aims to provide a comprehensive exploration of sustainable leadership by integrating scientific methodologies with philosophical principles, offering both theoretical insights and practical applications for participants in 4 steps:

  1. The need of sustainable leadership in a VUCA world – We will explore the key characteristic of leadership and sustainability, and clarify what is behind those buzz words. We will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what sustainable leadership means and its impact on the future.
  1. Reducing Noise: A Scientific Approach to Leadership – Attendees will gain valuable insights into noise reduction methodologies and tools in leadership, including a deep understanding of the concept of ‘noise’ and a scientific framework for effectively identifying and mitigating it. We will put you in situation where you can observe your own ‘noises’ and will propose you to explore practical tools and strategies for noise reduction in leadership roles.
  1. Philosophical Foundations of Sustainable Leadership – We will examine the four universal principles of love, truth, justice, and freedom and their practical application in leadership.
  1. Harmonising Science and Philosophy for Sustainable Leadership – Participants explore real-world case studies and practical examples illustrating how scientific approaches can seamlessly complement philosophical principles in leadership.

Those steps will include interactive sessions where participants apply those insights to leadership challenges and their unique organisational contexts, fostering group discussions and knowledge sharing.

Key take aways

This Masterclass will empower participants with the knowledge and tools needed to lead sustainably in a rapidly changing world, considering the ethical, environmental, and social dimensions of their decisions and actions.

Participants will also gain improved awareness of their personal biases and values, enabling them to make ethical and objective decisions, ultimately becoming inspirational leaders capable of solving complex problems through diverse perspectives and approaches.

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