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Complimentary Masterclass on Leadership – Understanding Your Decision Style by Michael Bekins


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Masterclass Duration : 2 Hrs

Agenda for the Masterclass:

  1. Working effectively in organizations requires us to make daily decisions, some routine and some complex. Why is it important that I understand how I make decisions?
  2. Our Decision Style is our preferred way of processing information, making decisions, and interacting with others to make better decisions and motivate people. What is your preferred style?
  3. Becoming aware of how we make decisions and interact with people as leaders will help us to adapt our styles to different situations. How do we know our styles and how do we adapt our style to meet the needs of different situations?
  4. Successful styles change as we grow into more senior leadership roles. Why is this important? Because the styles we use as a first-time supervisor may not work as a senior executive. What do these behaviors look like?
  5. The successful styles of a senior executive are very different from the successful styles of a junior manager. How do leaders grow into new styles?
  6. Organizations find that certain styles work better than others in that organization’s unique culture. How do we know?
  7. Q & A

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